• Francesca Whyte


Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Job title: Social and graphics intern Work-based supervisor: Emily Wade

Activities undertaken:  Due to Hirestreet being a smaller, start-up company, my job role was very varied which suited me. I enjoy getting involved with lots of different areas of the business.

The first task I was given was using HotJar to observe and analyse the online behaviour of its website users. I watched lots of different user scenarios and picked four to analyse in detail before suggesting improvements for their site to help with user experience and conversion.

My next task was to put together a competitor analysis. After picking a selection of competitors and using my knowledge from a university module and my own online shopping experience and habits, I presented the team with a 10-page document that detailed my findings and ideas. I included what I thought they already did well and then some suggestions of what they could think about in the future. From website merchandising, onboarding and refer-a-friend scheme (I used coursework from my university module to showcase how this would work) to shipping and sustainable packaging.

I created a list of influencers, with differing follower numbers, who would work well as a collaboration and I used the Hirestreet Instagram account to reach out to influencers with ideas for a gifted collaboration.

I was asked to brainstorm and write a post for the Hirestreet blog in their brand voice. I chose the topical subject of the TV Choice Awards best dressed and linked them to similar dresses that Hirestreet stocked on their website.

A large part of my role was creating graphics for their social media and emails. I made sure all work was complimient with brand guidelines whilst still pushing creative boundaries. These included graphics for their ambassador programme, Instagram stories, e-mailshots and discount code marketing. I was even tasked with creating gif signatures for the team’s email accounts.

Hirestreet stock a whole range of brands, from across the globe. Some of these brands aren’t familiar to a UK audience so they wanted to create a blog post series of Q&A sessions with individual brands. My job was to come up with brand-specific questions tailored to each brand.

I assisted in organising a sample sale for their older sample stock and created a Facebook event page and all advertising graphics.

I provided support on a videography shoot where we styled individual pieces available to hire on Hirestreet into full outfits for an IGTV video.

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