• Francesca Whyte


Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Job title: Styling and merchandising intern

Work-based supervisor: Jess Mulvaney

Activities undertaken:

My first month at Jules B was during the transition between shoots for S/S and A/W collections so a lot of this month was spent assisting with merchandising, stock and emails. I learnt how to use Visual Soft platforms such as vsCommerce. Every morning my first job would be to work through the daily checklist of new stock that had been added to the site that needed merchandising; this could be by category or brand so I would normally merchandise by colour for categories and by outfit building for brands. Every day at 4:30pm I would merchandise the new arrivals pages (women's, men's and mixed) using outfit building to keep it looking inviting to visitors.

Every few days I would look through new arrivals and pick items for the 'editors picks' that feature on the home pages of the online shop. There were three categories for this feature - stylist picks, transitional pieces and statement accessories. I used Mail Builder to create emails that could be for specific brands, sale or certain categories. I would source all the items I wanted to feature from the website and lay this out in Mail Builder and create email subject titles and copy specifically for the email content. I would scan and check-in all new products that would come up from the warehouse, remove all packaging and sort onto the men’s, women’s and Zen Wardrobe rails.

As Jules B had started doing fewer shoots for menswear when I joined, whenever new products would come to head office to be shot I would check our internal folders for imagery that had been sent over from the brand already or search the brand website for any suitable styled or flat lay imagery we could use online. When the dispatch and warehouse teams were particularly busy, I would assist with packing up orders and ticketing new stock in the warehouse.

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