• Francesca Whyte

JANUARY 2020 MONTHLY PLAN - Skinnydip London

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Job title: Digital Marketing Assistant

Work-based supervisor: Laura Timson

Activities undertaken: 

I was given the job of organising internal office activities. For Skinnydip's 9th birthday, I liaised with Lola's Cupcakes for a gifted birthday cake, I created a quiz for staff to take part in during lunch and ordered suitable balloons. I also managed to agree 60 free cupcakes from Lola's for all staff as a little pick me up on Blue Monday.

I was added as an admin on the Linkedin page and wrote copy for all internal activities that happened.

I was given a list of brands that Skinnydip wanted to contact to discuss potential brand collaborations. I used Diary Directory and Linkedin to pull together a list of suitable contacts at each brand and composed an invitation email to begin reaching out.

The Instagram story highlights needed a sort out; they were outdated and full of old content, so I deleted anything pre-2019 and added new content to each category. I also recorded behind the scenes office activities for Instagram stories.

As an established member of the team, I was invited to trade meetings where we would discuss the previous week's sales, best sellers, new stock dropping, digital marketing results, influencer coverage and any press received. These were an even deeper and very useful insight into Skinnydip as a business and also the e-commerce world as a whole.

I recorded coverage and behind the scenes shots of an internal lunchtime lecture from Anti Diet Riot Club to feature on Instagram stories.

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