• Francesca Whyte

FEBRUARY 2020 MONTHLY REPORT - Skinnydip London

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Job title: Digital Marketing Assistant Work-based supervisor: Laura Timson

Activities undertaken:  For Valentine's Day, I liaised with Hotel Chocolat and Krispy Kreme for gifted treats for all head office staff. I was also involved with organising a postal service of compliment cards for everyone in the office.

I secured us two big press features on Heat World; a review of our first underwear collection

and a piece about our second Mean Girls collection.

We were looking to do more competitions with other brands on our social media to boost engagement and following so I pulled together a list of brands with similar following and brand values that matched our own. My manager then came back to me with a confirmed list of these brands that she'd like to me to contact. I used Diary Directory to find the email for the appropriate person and reached out. I would liase with the brands initially and then loop in my social manager to discuss final competition logistics.

I attended a meeting with my digital marketing manager and the Senior Account Manager at Dazed Media to discuss how Skinnydip could be involved with Dazed.

We started a new Instagram stories/IGTV series called Haul of the Week with members of store and head office staff. I assisted with filming and then edited the footage using Premiere Pro.

I organised a store event for our collaboration with Imperial Leather. I was left responsible for everything: from organising gifted food and drink in exchange for social coverage, booking a DJ, to working out how many plastic balls it would take to fill the bathtub I had hired. The final event, including a bathtub and other props to set the scene, such as a branded bathmat and bubble machines, as well as goodie bags for all that attended was a great success. I created an event document so the whole team knew what was happening on the day as well as keeping track of costs in a budget tracker. There was also a post event document for all social content captured from influencers, celebrities and consumers during the event.


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