Monday, 28 January 2019

Keeping clue(d) up // Clue app review

I am back with a must have app that helps you keep clue(d) up on your period. This app isn't just a period tracker, it allows you to keep track of lots of other things too!

As well as tracking your period it allows you to keep track of your cravings, pains, sleep, emotional status, contraception and sexual activity. It also has a lot of education information, explanations and definitions such as "Is my cycle normal?", "When can I get pregnant?" and "What is PMS?".

I mostly use it to plan ahead, Clue forecasts your period 3 months in advance so I can use it to avoid holidays and other special events. This feature will get more accurate the more you use clue as it uses an algorithm to calculate and predict your cycles. You can also look back at an analysis of your past cycles to see an overview of how long your period and cycle usually last. I have been using this app since early 2015 and therefore have a lot of data recorded so I feel my predictions are much more accurate now than when I first started using it.

You can also use this app for reminders. Whether you're taking birth control to help regulate your periods, reduce acne or for the other big reason of preventing pregnancy then you can set a reminder every day so if you haven't tracked your pill on the app for that day, you'll be reminded too. It even adjusts to different time zones so you can always be consistent with the time you take the pill. There are also reminders for when your cycle is about to begin, if it is late or even when your fertile window is coming up.

The design of the app is clear, simple and really easy to use as well as being discreet. Clue is available on both IOS and android and is completely free with no in app purchases! You can download it for free here:

The post was in collaboration with Clue, but as always, all opinions and views are my own.


  1. This sounds like an amazing app! I'll definitely check it out since the one i'm using now is a bit 'childish'. Great post!

  2. I have this app and I love it!! Is very educational and reminds me.

  3. Definitely going to download :D

  4. I currently use a period app but I like the reminders option of this one. Since mine is completely silent and then one fine day my period will pop up :P

  5. I love apps like these. I love P.C. application, it is a great period application! Nice post!

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