Monday, 13 March 2017

Everything embroidery // How to wear it

Embroidery is everywhere at the moment and it is possibly one of my all-time favourite trends, I can't get enough of it. You can wear it day and night and it just adds that extra something to an otherwise plain item. I have put together three outfits incorporating key embroidered items to share with you, enjoy!


I was so happy when I found these trainers. I had seen the Gucci ones but obviously knew I was never going to spend nearly £500 on a pair of trainers that would eventually get ruined. They were so affordable and are really comfy and I love pairing them with a pair of trousers and a white tee to give them their chance to shine. I love this outfit, it is so comfy to wear yet and I always feel great in these trousers, if I'm ever in a bit of an outfit rut I head straight for these as you can pair them with everything.

(Buy the shoes here)


When thinking about how I'd style this jacket I knew I wanted a basic black outfit to allow the jacket to stand out, which is why I decided to go with a plain black jumper dress and my trusty knee high boots. I think the studs and the rose embroidery on this jacket look great together and it definitely dresses up this outfit.


Out of the three, this is probably my favourite outfit. I had been eyeing up these mom jeans on Topshop for weeks and finally decided to take the plunge and order them. I'm so happy I did as I'm obsessed with them and always get so many compliments when I wear them. Whenever I put these on I never want to take them off. I already know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of these. They're so comfy and look great paired with trainers and a tee.



  1. I'm currently obsessed with anything embroidered and I loved your outfits! That leather embroidered jacket is so gorgeous :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. The sneaker and also the rose embroidery on the leather jacket is gorgeous! Eeek at the price tag for the Gucci shoes!

  3. I love those jeans! I am yet to find a pair that fits me nicely though...

  4. I tend to like things more on the plain side but all of this embroider is super cute. I've not yet come across anything at the stores yet.

  5. I literally need everything in this post!! I know the Gucci sneaks you're talking about. No way I would pay that for shoes! You have found such a great dupe. I love the mom jeans. I see why you get compliments on them. And I love the embroidery trend, too. But I feel like there are so many great trends at the moment. 2017 is a good fashion year!

  6. Loved it!! And I love your style! Super cute, and I'm loving this trend for the Spring/Summer time as well!

  7. Embroidery is such a lovely thing and element how to make something more interesting ♥ I really like stuff like this. Lovely photos ✿

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  8. I absolutely love your leather jacket!!


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