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Ski trip essentials // A guide for what to pack for a week on the slopes

I'm back from the most amazing week skiing in the 3 Valleys, France so I thought I would put together a guide of what to pack for a week on the slopes.

Ski outfit

First up is your basic ski outfit. I went for a jacket and salopettes from Topshop's ski collection, SNO. My jacket is the Belted Ski Jacket and kept me extremely warm and toasty but was still breathable. My salopettes were also from Topshop but are unfortunately now discontinued, but I did find a similar pair here.


With all the white snow around it can be extremely sunny and bright on the slopes, so a pair of goggles will definitely come in handy. You'll also need these during heavy snowfall. You can hire these just like helmets but I would recommend buying your own for comfort and fit.


You can't hire gloves and they are a lot more expensive in resort so make sure you buy them before you go. They need to be thermal and waterproof along with good grip to help you hold on to your poles. I took two pairs with me, my first and main pair were these from Hestra. These were a lot more expensive but kept my hands so warm. The others were just a cheaper pair from Mountain Warehouse for the evening when my Hestra ones were still wet or just in case.


Safety first! It is strongly encouraged that everyone wears a helmet, especially beginners. You can buy your own or hire them in the resort as most of them are included as part of your ski equipment.

Hat or headband

You may want to take with you a hat or a headband to wear under your helmet or during lunch or apres ski. I chose to take my fur headband from Jack Wills that you can find here (currently reduced to less than £6! I put this one whenever we stopped and removed our helmets to keep me warm.


You can wear whatever you want under your ski outfit but I went to Sweaty Betty for my base layer. I bought these leggings and this top, they may be a little pricey but they are breathable so kept me warm and dry. I also had a pair of thick thermal leggings and a plain base layer from mountain warehouse too just in case.

Thermal socks are also a great way to keep your feet warm and not numb. Some people may suggest wearing a pair of regular socks underneath where a lot of people say just the thermal pair is best so it's completely up to you. These are so expensive in resort so make sure you get hold of some before you go.


You need these for the same reasons as goggles, it can be extremely bright. Even if you don't wear them on the slopes you might stop for lunch up a mountain or the apres ski bars so I would definitely recommend taking a pair. I wore mine all week instead of my goggles except for the last day as it was snowing and extremely foggy. Lots of people do just wear sunglasses instead of goggles most of the time so don't forget them!

Snow boots

When you're not skiing you'll be walking around the resort and it can be very snowy here too or icy, so you'll need a good pair of boots. I took my timberlands and theses were great for grip and warmth but you can also buy snow boots or even a pair of walking boots will do. If you're lacking space in your suitcase then wear these for the journey to save on space.

Apres ski outfits

The apres ski scene is very casual and not really a fancy affair. We just started straight off the slopes so no dressing was required and this is generally the norm. Jeans along with cosy and casual jumpers are the norm for evenings.

Essentials - Moisturisers, lip balm, sun cream

These may be at the bottom of this list but these are important. I applied sun cream every morning before we went out and was constantly applying lip balm whilst out and then slapping on the moisturiser back at the chalet. You may be surprised how dry your lips and skin will get in the cold conditions.

Use this blog post as your packing checklist and you'll be ready to hit the slopes like a pro.

Let me know in the comments if you think I've missed anything off!


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  1. Great post! The pictures are beautiful. And if I ever decide to go skiing I will remember this. lol I'm to much afraid of heights to go skiing.


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