Friday, 11 November 2016

Urban Decay Naked Palette Collection Review & Comparison // 1, 2, 3 & Smoky

Unless you have been living under a rock your whole life, you will be aware of Urban Decay's collection of Naked palettes. I am almost certain you don't need another review of a single naked palette but I did think a sum up and comparison of all 4 palettes in the main collection would be useful if you're unsure of which naked palette is for you.

The Naked palettes are all the same shape but made of different materials. The original palette is constructed of hardboard material that has been covered with a velvet-like fabric on the top, Naked 2 and Naked 3 are tin, while Naked Smoky is a hard plastic. I am a big fan of the Smokeys plastic but also don't mind the velvet fabric on the original.

Personally, in this case, I think nothing beats the original. The first Naked palette is a set with bronze-toned and warm neutral eyeshadows that complement any skin tone. This palette is very versatile, allowing you to create both soft and dramatic looks. The palette consists of 2 matte shades and 10 shimmery shades. This palette is a must for women with blue or brown eyes. Also great for women with olive or warm yellow skin tones. This is definitely my favourite palette out of the 4.

The Naked 2 Palette is definitely more cool-toned. This palette suits my skin tone less due to it flattering women with cool skin tones. Naked 2 is best for daytime looks due to its taupe-toned colours. The palette consists of 3 matte shades and 9 shimmery shades. This palette offers more of the end of the scale shadows as it includes very light shadows and very dark shadows. I feel that if you have the original Naked palette you don't have a need for this one.

Naked 3 is a distinctly pinker palette. Just like Naked 2, this palette looks absolutely beautiful on women with a cooler skin tone. This palette does tend to stick in the medium range and therefore not the best for someone with a medium skin tone. The palette consists of 3 matte shades, 7 shimmery shades and 2 glitter shades. This palette can be used for both daytime and dramatic evening looks. If you're new to UD naked palettes I would suggest not diving straight in with this palette unless you know pink shades are definitely for you, instead, try the original Naked palette or Naked 2 first.

Naked Smoky is the final palette in this collection, so far. If you're a smoky eye person, then this is the palette for you. This palette has a large range of good staple smokey shades (surprised?), with a mix of beige, black and grey tones topped off with lots of sparkle. This palette leans more towards the cooler-toned shades but this palette consists of a bit of everything and runs right through the scale from light to dark. This palette is also organised from the most to the least shimmery shadow. I am yet to properly explore this palette but definitely, think it is going to come in useful when trying to create those dramatic looks.

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Check out the swatches from all 4 palettes 



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